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Posting On A Saturday-Must Be A Pretty Special Occasion!!

We Are Usually Too Busy- But Chillin’ By The Pool Is Not Our Usual Saturday Activity!

On most Saturdays in February and March you will find us on the ice, drilling and hole hopping trying to find the next Perch-a-Palooza.

Not this Saturday…

Not this Weekend…

No Gold Mine of Perch would take me away from what is going on in Grand Forks at the Alerus Center tonight at 8 o’clock.

The match-up between the Northstar Bearcats and the Our Redeemer’s Knights last night was a hard fought game.  To say it was rough would be an understatement.  To say that Macey didn’t take some abuse inside would be criminal.  She has faced box and chasers and triple teams and physical abuse all year.  Last night took it to a new level.

She played as she always does though, steady.  She didn’t react, she didn’t lash out, and she didn’t retaliate.  What her and her teammates did do is punch their ticket to the North Dakota Class B Girls Basketball Tournament Championship Game.

There was no individual effort in this one.  There was only TEAM.  Team offense and team defense.  From Steph hitting 3’s and helping out on D to Peyton sticking to Our Redeemer’s leading scorer.  Madison, in the clutch, continuing to hit big shots just at the right time, and Mya’s hustle on the offensive and defensive boards.

The final on the scoreboard was a 61-41 tally, everyone in attendance knew it was A LOT closer than that.  I didn’t really sit back and relax until about 10 minutes after the game.  I guess you could say I get a little intense. (my mom would say that is the understatement of the day)


The pinnacle of any High School athletes career is getting to that championship game.  To be the last team standing.  Top of the world!  The only thing standing in Northstar’s way is 24-0, Kindred Vikings.

They are good, REAL good.

Tonights match-up will be between 2 undefeated teams:

Northstar Bearcats 25-0


Kindred Vikings 24-0

Neither team has tasted the agony of defeat yet this year.

They have drastically contrasting styles as well.  Northstar relies on defense and a methodical offense working for the right match up and the open shot.

Kindred plays the new school style of basketball, up and down the court, shoot so many 3’s that some have to go in, and press, press, press.

The undeniable force versus the immovable object.  I am getting nervous for this game just sitting here typing this.

The only thing to do is sit back, try to relax, and cheer our lungs out.

Good Luck Macey, Peyton, Steph, Madison, Mya, Kellie, and the rest of the girls,



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8 thoughts on “Posting On A Saturday-Must Be A Pretty Special Occasion!!

  1. Good job, Travis! If your dad has any pull up there it will be a Bearcat victory!!! We’ll be there

    1. Looking down and smiling! He sure would have been proud of this group of girls, what and how they have accomplished what they have. TEAM basketball at its finest.

  2. Love watching them play. United until the end. Many teams could pay attention- this is how the game was meant to be played.

  3. Sounds like two excellent basketball teams going at it tonight. Cant blame you for leaving the ice to witness some once in a lifetime history being made.Really appreciate all your fishing reports on devils. My buddy and I are heading up March 10,11,12 out of the Woodlands resort to try and cash in on some of that Devils gold. Keeping my fingers crossed for the weather to hold. I hope the eyes cooperate too…..thanks again for the reports

  4. Great article Travis!! Your dad would be very proud. Watch the game in Mesa AZ last night. Go Bearcats.

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