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It’s Always A Good Time To Become A Member!

Cause As They Say: Membership Has Its Privileges!!   Platinum Membership (Limited Availability)   With a platinum membership goes the whole deal. Every Waypoint that we log in the Summer AND Winter will be sent directly to you upon logging them in the computer.  No more need to purchase waypoints, they will go to you automatically. Consultations- with this level…

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Feather Flu- Gettin’ Ready 101: Part 2

That Arm Cannon Can’t Go ‘BANG’ By Itself- The Right Shotgun Shell(s) You’ve done your due diligence.  You have put on the miles of scouting, you have located the ‘Fowl Mecca’, you zeroed in on the ‘X’.  Now it is time to party!  You have your Benelli oiled up and ready to go.  That lovely piece of gunmanship cannot do…

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