Simply Stated….UNBELIEVABLE!! From time to time on here I have a commentary on stuff other than Fishing.  Though Fishing is an undying passion of mine, there are a few others as well: family, hunting, football… I went in to last nights Vikings playoff game telling myself that I had zero expectations; however, in reality I had unlimited expectations.  I really…

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How About Those VIKINGS!! In hopes of not alienating our Packer supporters to the East, I still must say: I am a diehard, tortured, embattled Vikings fan!! From the times that I can barely remember, I have cheered for our lovable losers to the east.  Here in North Dakota we have no NFL team.  Popular joke is: Why doesn’t North…

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Tuesday’s Summer Water Conditions Report #3

Coming Along Nicely! Weekly Water Temperature This past week has helped us with some water temperature and the extreme East and extreme West ends of the lake are getting into that low 70’s temperature range by early afternoon.  The southern bays are starting to touch that level as well.  Some of the small bays, i.e. Doc Hagen’s, are lingering in…

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