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Summer Waypoint Bundle Packages!





DLFR ‘No-Secrets’: CRANKING!

THE most comprehensive and in-depth article on chasing Walleyes with Crankbaits on Devils Lake!

‘No-Secrets’ Features!

  • Detailed Analysis of our 20 favorite cranking locations

  • Diagramed Google Earth Maps of each location from 1991

  • Diagramed Google Earth Maps of each location from current water levels

  • Analyzed GPS maps of each location

  • Exact GPS coordinates, all of our “Spots-To-Hit” for every location

  • Analysis of our favorite lures

  • Analysis of the structures we fish from each location

  • Identify ideal Wind/Weather conditions for each location


2021 Open Water Waypoints!






Previous Year Historic Packages- What We Use To Plan Our Trips

The most underutilized feature of what we offer here at DLFR, the information that we use year after year to help us predict where the next bite is going to pop up, put all together it makes our yearly searches more time friendly and more successful.  All of that information is at your fingertips!

HARDWATER 2021-2022



DLFR ‘BIBLE’, Every Waypoint that we have logged since our existence!! ($1750 if bought individually)












Devils Lake Basin Spring/Shore Fishing Guide

(108 locations on the main lake and along the northern basin to cash in on Pre-Spawn fishing)


Devils Lake Early Ice Bundle 130 Waypoints Perch/Walleye 

Lake Alice & Irvine Bundle 60 Waypoints Walleye/Pike

LAKE ALICE, PACKS OF 10 Walleye/Pike:

Lake Alice #1

Lake Alice #2

Lake Alice #3

Lake Alice #4

Lake Alice #5

Lake Alice #6