Welcome to Devils Lake Fishing Report, your resource for in-depth information about the best fishing on Devils Lake.

Devils Lake Fishing Report is dedicated to getting you on fish.  I have worked at a local lakeside bar for 16 years now and the recurring complaint from fishermen here is the wasted amount of time they have spent on the water in an abbreviated vacation to either not ever find any good fish or only get in one day of a good bite.  

I fish religiously, and outside of hunting season, it’s about all I think about.  I go back over records, I look back at pictures and places from previous years; constantly trying to predict where the next “big bite” is going to pop up, and we explore.    

Eliminate those Wasted Days on the Water

We want to put you on the spot upon your arrival.  We want you to be prepared, when you get here, to have the right tackle, the right equipment, and the right information.  

Walleye, Perch, and Pike

Devils Lake Fishing Report is all about Walleyes and Perch.  You don’t need additional info to catch pike on the Big Devil except for a map of North Dakota.  

We’re here to make your trip successful.

Devils Lake Fishing Report will do everything in our power to make your trip to Devils Lake a fruitful one.  We use a network of information, we are constantly fishing and talking to fisherman in the cleaning station, in the bar, in the bait shop talking to fishermen, logging information and passing it on to you.

-Travis Elsperger, DevilsLakeFishingReport.com

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