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Monday DLFR Weekly Fishing Report 8-9-21

Spinner Bite Waning/Lead Core Heating Up


I love the spinner bite, I also truly enjoy the ground one can cover pulling lead core.  Feeling the fish hit on a spinner and playing it all the way to the boat is exciting fishing.  The fisherman in me lives for the search, finding new spots, finding how the fish are adjusting throughout the day; the only thing wrong with lead core is you miss out on the excitement of the hit, pulling in a fish on lead core is almost anti-climactic, unless is looks like this:

That 28 incher was a thrill all the way in, she was Caught-Pictured-Released to swim another day.  





Our spinner bite had been hot, real hot, on fire actually.  The last few days though, it seems as though it has waned a little.  The lead core bite is heating up though.  Yesterday we couldn’t buy a fish on spinners but got some nice ones on lead.  Today we caught a few on spinners, in between the weather events that finally forced us off of the water.








We aren’t going to totally abandon the spinners as they will still have the days in which they shine, we are however going to be pulling lead core in 20-35 feet of water a lot more over the next couple of weeks before we stow the rods in exchange for our Benelli.  Early Honkers starts on the 15th, we are about to get VERY busy!!


Spinners We Are Going To!


What To Attach To Your Lead Core!



Good Luck out there!


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