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Tuesday Summer Water Conditions #5

Gin To Tinted To Chocolate Milk

Going from Gin Clear to a Slight Green tint to a Chocolate Milk like murk can have different effects on fishing.  The high wind events of late last week and then cold temperatures have left some areas a murky brown mess.  It is going to take a couple of days for a lot of those sediments to settle.  The deeper areas aren’t going to be affected as much and fishing might be a little better deeper in the short term.  As those shallower areas calm down a little and clear some, the fishing in those spots will pick back up again.


What To Do In The Murk!

  1.  Slow Down
  2. Use sound based lures
  3. Use scent based presentations
  4. Go Deeper

In a nut shell, those are four ways to still catch fish when the conditions turn from optimal to notsomuch do to less than ideal water clarity.

Weekly Water Temperatures


That is the best word I can think of to use to describe the drop in water temperature that we witnessed coming our of the massive cold front that pushed through the Lake Region on Friday and Saturday.  We were finally seeing temperatures touching the low 70’s and then BAM! down, way down, down into the 50’s.

Obviously the shallows will warm back up the quickest and we do have warmer temperatures on the way so hopefully this is just a short hiccup.  Not all the fish ventured into deeper, more stable waters, there are still plenty of fish that hunkered down up shallow and probably put their bellies down in the weeds.  Those fish will be getting more active and hungry over the next couple days so the pitching game will come back into play very shortly.

Weed Bed Status

Lots of Grass and Moss!

That is what we are seeing on the outsides of those cat tail beds.  That intermediate second level of weeds has really taken off and can become problematic when pulling either spinners or cranks.  Establishing where that edge is located is key and knowing what to look for on your electronics can save a lot of time.

From Yours Truly

High Winds: What Can Be Done About It!


In a nutshell:


Tried to go out today for a few hours of exploring and to be honest with you, that wind was just too strong and made fishing just about impossible and getting to a productive spot was not in the cards.  So what does a guy do when it just isn’t possible to get out on the water to fish?

The list of things that I do are pretty systematic and to the point:

  1.  Replenish the Spinner Box
  2. Tidy up the boat
  3. Retie broken rods
  4. SLEEP

That is about it, sometimes I deprive myself of sleep, ignored to get done what needs to get done and that will leave me a little on the cranky side.  Being on the go at all times makes for an exciting lifestyle but there is a limit as to what a person can put their body through.

Windy days provide that exit from the water, an excuse, if you will to finally stop the motor for a little while and gear things down a bit.

After a good long nap though, we crank it up again and get back out there, hopefully mother nature is better to us tomorrow.

Good Luck Out There!

Hold On To Your Rod…







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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Summer Water Conditions #5

  1. I have been following your posts and was planning on buying some points when I went to Devils Lake. I was coming up for a few days starting the 25th and all of a sudden you post that you are not giving any waypoints until after the tournament (which I thought were two man teams) the way points finally come out late Monday afternoon and they are mostly for Black Tiger Bay, which I believe wasn’t part of the tournament anyway. Seems like you fish everywhere this year, except the main lake, or do you keep those spots for yourself?

    1. To be honest, I don’t keep anything for myself, I have offered up every location I have fished this year. How Black Tiger Bay, Pelican, The South Shore, The Flats, and North 6 Mile aren’t part of the main lake is kind of hard for me to understand. I helped a few friends pre-fish for the Chamber tourney and agreed not to share those locations until after the tourney. Black Tiger Bay was absolutely in the Tournament area. I set out to help others CATCH MORE FISH on Devils Lake and offer up for free as much information as I can without giving specific locations. I am sorry you are upset with us, hopefully in the future we can serve the fishermen of Devils Lake better.
      I stated before that I am not a tournament fishermen and was not a part of the Chamber Tournament. We try to spread out our locations to different parts of the lake so that we can offer a broad spectrum to people who may be staying in different locations. We refuse to pound one specific area over and over. I love constructive criticism, it makes us better, however, when you make a couple statements that aren’t factual and make a baseless accusation about me saving stuff for myself when nothing could be further from the truth I take offense. I am glad you are a frequent visitor to the site. I will try to serve you better in the future.
      Good Luck out there.
      Hold On TO Your Rod…

  2. I think I speak for many when I say a lot of folks really appreciate all of the great information you share week in and week out. I’m in-state but don’t live in Devils Lake and it’s a good haul to drive there. Your information and updates are big-time appreciated and really help toward planning weekend and day trips alike. Thanks for what you’re doing.

    1. Thank you Bruce, we truly want everyone to have a wonderful experience when they come to Devils Lake. It’s work but it’s not if you know what I mean. I love the outdoors and hunting and fishing in the Lake Region to be specific. We will keep doing what we are doing as long as it is feasibly possible.

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