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DLFR ‘No-Secrets’ Series!

DLFR ‘No-Secrets’: CRANKING Advance Sale Opportunity! Our Easter Special on DLFR ‘No-Secrets’: CRANKING has expired. You can still get the most comprehensive, in-depth article on fishing Crank baits on Devils Lake, it will just be at the full article price!!   Happy Easter!! In the festive mood of Easter Bunnies and Rebirth, we are offering our viewership a chance at…

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Wednesday Weekly Ice Conditions: Episode 2- Drastic Differences

Ice Check Drive:  Varied Results!! Our originally planned trip took a detour this morning because of unforeseen access difficulties due to unharvested crop.  Instead of doing something stupid trying to salvage a morning of fishing in really high winds, we changed our plans and did a little lake tour for everyone to show how drastically different areas of the lake…

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Feather Flu- Gettin’ Ready 101: Part 2

That Arm Cannon Can’t Go ‘BANG’ By Itself- The Right Shotgun Shell(s) You’ve done your due diligence.  You have put on the miles of scouting, you have located the ‘Fowl Mecca’, you zeroed in on the ‘X’.  Now it is time to party!  You have your Benelli oiled up and ready to go.  That lovely piece of gunmanship cannot do…

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