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The Day Has Come!!

If you have read us and been a viewer of Devils Lake Fishing Report for any period of time, you will know that I don’t do anything halfway. 

I don’t think that the success of Devils Lake Fishing Report would have happened without this intrinsic drive. Even when I have had a bad day out there, I’m still pushing myself to get out there and get after it.  DLFR still posts about it and still talks about it.  NO ONE gets ’em everyday and I are no different.  However, sometimes it is those ‘bad’ days that just makes us better the next time out.  It is our hope that our ‘bad’ days help eliminate the bad days for you.  Let DLFR make the mistakes and you get the benefit.

From the very beginning, May 30th, 2016, and even further back than that, the Summer of 2004 when the spark of an idea came into being; keeping records, cataloging locations, staying true to the mantra that history will repeat itself and we are going to come back to these spots year after year and find fish.

I had a vision, a 5-year plan, to get to a point where I felt I was accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish.  

Has that moment come?

I don’t know for sure, but the fact that traffic to the site is at an all-time high and you as our readers keep coming back, it would seem that it has.

Get Your Subscription!!

When I started out, it was primary that I offer a FREE fishing report that was as up to date as possible.  Daily updates were the goal but at least bi-weekly at a minimum in the beginning.  When this endeavor started out, back in 2016, I was really ‘green’ when it came to posting and giving you what I thought you needed.  Hindsight is always 20/20 but if I could go back in time, I probably would have gotten to this point much sooner.

Like I said, a 5-year plan, and DLFR is now in year 6 so an ‘almost’ moment.

I took the last two weeks away from guiding, something of an experiment, to see what it would be like now, to just fish for the website, just go out and hunt quality fish.  

It has been a blast!

Waypoint packages have gone from 2-3 locations to up to 7.  Get 5 good fish in one spot, take a couple of pictures, and on to the next spot. I would like to keep it going.  I would like to have 100% of our attention on the task of providing the fishermen that come to Devils Lake with the information they NEED to be successful. 

Not depend on and hammer 2-4 spots over the course of a few days.  Just to be able to go out there and explore and report back what we found.  A true, daily post Fishing Report.  Better than anything that DLFR has brought to you up to this point.

The path that DLFR is about to embark on will do many things for you, the anglers that fish Devils Lake:

  • It will get you the information you need quicker
  • It will get you more information than ever before
  • We will be able to bring to you information from more parts of the lake
  • We will be able to eventually bring you this information in real time


I’ve Stated I Want DLFR To Be FREE!

And that will still be the case!  You will still be able to read Devils Lake Fishing Report, FREE of charge.  The FREE version will be a little bit GENERAL in nature and you will have to put up with some ads at times, but at this point it is necessary to provide a FREE version. 

Starting now however, the site will be steered towards a Subscription platform.  Like a monthly magazine, just on an almost daily basis.  Imagine a magazine coming to you every day. 

With that subscription comes much more in-depth information.  Truly, everything you will need to have success on Devils Lake, including incites from yours truly and start and stop coordinates for troll lines, locations for where we are fishing, detailed pictures of what we are using; think of it as an ELITE REPORT in every single post. 

Within our daily posts will be a portion that those without a subscription will be locked out of, but with a subscription and a DLFR Login, you can unlock that portion and the in-depth information will be revealed to you.

I understand that we have 2 different groups of people that read DLFR:

  • Those that live here and fish the lake regularly
  • Those that travel here from afar and fish here once or twice a year 

Recognizing that those two groups would require different levels, DLFR has worked that out too, as you will have a choice between a yearly or a monthly subscription. Even if you fish here regularly but want to test the subscription out first, take a month long test run! 

I feel that once you’ve decided to click on that subscription, and unlock that extra information, you will be amazed at what will be provided to you. The vision for what DLFR was to become might just finally be here, with only one more final step to take to get to the END GAME; but that is a whole other conversation and I have a face for radio so, that we will keep in our back pocket for now!

We Haven’t Forgotten Our Members!!

Our Member’s will still come first, our Member’s will still enjoy their privilege of ALL locations 1st, ALL access to us 1st, ALL the benefits that Membership should entail. 

 Hopefully Smooth!

With all things new, especially when it comes to online issues, I expect there to be some speed bumps, but the hope is to be able to iron those out in timely fashion and everything will be smooth sailing. As always, DLFR welcomes your feedback and love to hear from you. 

Good Luck out there!


Fishing Into Catching!

Since 2016!


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