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Advent of August Trial Special

Opportunity For A Test Run!

With the decision to fish the entire month of August and wait until the September 1st date to start hunting Canadas, we want to offer you an August Special. If you have been thinking about Membership and just haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you are waiting for subscriptions to come out and wanna see what it will look like or have some extra time because the Combine wheels won’t turn for another 3 weeks; we have a deal for you!

For the month of August, test drive Membership/Subscriptions.

It will come to you in an email every time we post, all’s you have to do is click the tab below and make sure you enter the Email correctly, we will take care of the rest. You will get that insider information you need for the entire month of August, because we plan to be OUT THERE!!


‘Wednesday Waters’ and out latest GPS locations will post later this evening!!

Good Luck out there!


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