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DLFR Monday Weekly Fishing Report: July 19th!

Today’s Take!!

18-23 feet of water today, after sitting our the thunderstorm we got back out on the water and got after them. Silver w/Gold Stripe and Perch colored spinners with worms was the ticket! July 19th!!

Well, we’re back!!

We apologize to our viewership, the issues that Marsten and I have been having with the website are 100% not his or my fault. He has been working tirelessly to fix things and thank you to him for his hard work; we wouldn’t be able to do this without him. He has gotten us back up and running as well as he could considering. A huge THANK YOU Marsten!!

We aren’t back up and running entirely, we can’t offer the locations online yet and our email is still not functioning so if you want the locations and want to contact us, you will have to do so through our cell phone either by text or phone call. We will have it on us and will try to field all calls and inquiries.

12-18 feet of water with a nice walleye chop, shallower in the early morning hours, slipping deeper as the sun got higher, July 17th, 2021!

Enough about that though, back to fishing!!

The last week has been spectacular for fishing the main lake! This fishery continues to amaze me with the quality and quantity of fish that it is producing right now. We are seeing so many year classes and so many fat, ultra-healthy Walleyes. Some of them with just exploding bellies and big shoulders.

It continues to be a spinner and worm bite for us and some days there is utter chaos on the boat. Colors are day-to-day, with some days not mattering at all. Other days, one specific color will out fish all others and some of those in particular are:

  • Perch
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Gold/Silver Combinations
  • Chartreuse

Most ‘guide days’ in the past, our boat rule has been 14-20’s go in the live well, most everything else is either too small or too large. That has produced a problem lately. If we begin the day throwing 14- and 15-inch fish into the live well, the day is done far too early. There are so many quality fish right now that we save those for later in the day if needed. Most of the time they aren’t needed as we have been catching so many ‘Fat 15’s and 16-19 inch fish.

I like 14, 15, and 16’s due to their eating quality but boy do those 17-19’s look good on the cleaning table!!

Much shallower and bigger fish/ 7-9 feet of water along a wind blown shore line with spinners and worms!! July 18th!

Just look at the GUT on that 17+ inch Walleye!!

Depths are changing, shifting slightly deeper! As happens every year, the lake is starting to turn over a bit and with that turn over comes some green, especially on super calm days. That greening of the waters always brings about a push deeper and we have begun starting our days in the 14-16 foot range and ending in 20+ feet.

We have still had days where we have gotten our fish in 8-10 feet still but those instances are getting fewer and we are concentrating more and more on the more intermediate to deeper water areas.

One Word- THICK!!

Lotsa Perch starting to show up as well and we are missing far more than we are hooking into. It will soon be time to start running crawler harnesses instead of just one hook rigs. The one hookers are getting us more Walleyes but if we were running more harnesses, we would be putting a lot more Perch on the table. The future looks very bright for a strong Perch bite this winter!

12-14 feet of water inside the old shore line/ bite was good early, waned as it warmed! July 13th!

If you feel like you want a leg up on the fish when you get here or if you are a frequent customer and want our help again, contact us, we have printouts available until we are back up and running 100%

Call us or text us at 701-351-6414 for the locations to any of the fishing days from the last week above!

Good Luck out there!


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