Fish Tacos

So Good Even The Mack Daddy Will Eat Them

Start with this:


I like to zipper all of my fish before cooking, it just gets rid of any chance of there be ing any bones.

After zippering the filets I shake them in a medium sized bowl with two packs of tacos seasoning so that the filets are thoroughly covered.

Then, in one deep kettle I combine the fish filets, black beans and corn and cook them on medium to low/high heat until the filets will fall apart.  I mash em up until they are shredded and then cook them down so that most of the water has evaporated as a lot of water will cookout of the filets.

In another frying pan I saute the onions and peppers, this time I blackened them with Cajun seasoning, you obviously don’t have to.

Once complete, it should look something like this!





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