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The Summer Line Up- Whatcha Got!

Our Viewership Input Is Vital To Our Mission!

We appreciate everyone of our readers, without you we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing.  We value every opinion, every piece of constructive criticism, and even the destructive criticism.  It all make DevilsLakeFishingReport better for everyone.

We are working on setting up our Summer Posting schedule.  We had a pretty good line up for the winter:

Monday- Weekly Fishing Report

Tuesday- Fish Behavior Fish Activity

Wednesday- Weekly Ice Conditions Report

Thursday- Trending….NOW!

Obviously for the open water season that is starting to get into full swing, we have to change things up as Ice Conditions aren’r very relevant on a 90 degree July afternoon.

Give Us Your Best Shot

We have collected input from many different sources, at this time we want to know what you want to know.  What features within a days post would you like to see or if you have a running topic that you think could be a day of the week recurring commentary, give it to us.

We can service you, the Devils Lake Fisherman, if we don’t receive your opinions and input.

SO we don’t get a bunch of repeated contributions, the ideas we have so far are:

Recipes, Clothing, Gear, Rigging Different Set ups, Sunday Sermon, Wines to Pair with Recipes, How To’s, Fish ID/Bird ID, Winds Impact, Weather Forecast and Fish Effects, Weather’s Impact on Fishing.

All great stuff and we will surely implement a lot of it.

If we receive and use one of your ideas and it is different than one of the above, you will win our 2016 Summer Waypoint Year In Review Package.


Fire Away!!


Good Luck Out There!

Hold On To Your Rod…



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3 thoughts on “The Summer Line Up- Whatcha Got!

  1. Hey Travis, I bought your spring shore fishing GPS locations in March and found them to be very informative. I made the trip on Apr 8-9 and visited many of the spots. Most spots were very crowded but I finally did score a spot on the first Pelican Bay bridge. I fished the afternoon without catching any walleyes but a native couple next to me, using basically the same white plastics I was, caught a nice stringer. They tried to instruct me but it didn’t help, all I caught were northerns. I have been fishing long enough to know that those things sometimes happen. Ha!
    You asked what information would be helpful to us. Personally, I am a pike/walleye fisherman who fishes almost exclusively out of a pedal kayak (Native Watercraft) or canoe. Reading your posts about perch sounds intriguing however. Maybe I can bring a friend and hire your services for a day-trip. I have not purchased your summer 2016 GPS locations (yet) but what would be helpful to include along with your locations would be the target species; relative success (poor, fair, good, excellent); technique (bottom bouncer/spinners, vertical jigs, slip bobber, plastics, cranks); and wind direction. It would be asking quite a bit for you to remember this data from 2016, but maybe it could be included in future packages.

    1. We log all of that information Todd and will constantly make edits and additions to make it better for everyone who uses our services. We would love to take you and a couple friends out for a Walleye/Perch adventure. July, August, and September are the best months to target Perch so keep that in mind if you pull the trigger on a trip.

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