White Bass!! GOT EM!!

The ‘Other’ White Meat!   One secret that isn’t much of a secret is the White Bass in Devils Lake. They are plentiful and they are big, 3 pounds + big. Just what the doctor ordered for my Mom and Aunt as we took them out in the Snobear for their 1st time. A lot of fun was had, missed…

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Friday Fish Fry!!

Just In Time For Vacation!!   The first time we have been really ‘deep’ and it paid off!! Pods of Perch and Really BIG White Bass. They would come through every 10-15 minutes, some would bite, some wouldn’t. More searching for safe ice and Big Perch again tomorrow!! Good Luck out there! DevilsLakeFishingReport! Fishing Into Catching! Since 2016!


Just Digits!

Limits of Mediums Or… A Handful Of Toads??!! I’ll Take The Toads! With limited safe ice, we are going back to where we know 2 things: Safe ice Big Perch Well, we found em both again!  More searching for fishable ice tomorrow!! Wish us luck! DevilsLakeFishingReport! Fishing Into Catching! Since 2016!