2 Methods Today, Similar Results!

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Dual Threat On The Lake Today!

Two locations, both trolling, just two different ways of doing it.

  • Lead Core w/Salmos
  • Bottom Bouncers w/Spinners



Both effective, both landed keepers. 

We hit 3 different spots today but only had active fish in two of them. The only trouble with the lead core and Salmo’s was, we had to deal with ole Mr. Whitey!

If you don’t mind putting up with White bass, Spot 1 is the place for you.

If you are just after Walleyes, I would steer towards Spot 2.

Salmo Colors:


Spinner Color of the Day:


Both spots were in and along that old shoreline that shows up as a white line on the Legend or Doc Sonar chip.

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Good Luck out there!


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2 thoughts on “2 Methods Today, Similar Results!

  1. It’s sad that you have decided to abandon those of us who have relied on your daily reports but can’t afford to subscribe.
    I’ve followed and enjoyed your reports for the past several years but now have lost faith in your willingness to help we ordinary fishermen.
    The money greed has gotten to you to serve only the rich.

    1. I am very saddened by this response. In no way, shape, or form are we not going to continue to publish an absolutely free version of the Devils Lake Fishing Report. It is still 100% free of charge. Over the last 5 years, our viewers have wanted more and more, and we have freely given that with a goal in mind. Subscription is just a way to provide that ‘more’. I think you will see over this last month of our fishing period, that you will still gain pretty much the same, vital information without having to spend a dime.

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