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DLFR ‘No-Secrets’ Series!


Advance Sale Opportunity!

Our Easter Special on DLFR ‘No-Secrets’: CRANKING has expired.

You can still get the most comprehensive, in-depth article on fishing Crank baits on Devils Lake, it will just be at the full article price!!


Happy Easter!!

In the festive mood of Easter Bunnies and Rebirth, we are offering our viewership a chance at incredible reduced savings on the most in-depth, comprehensive breakdown of the shallows of this great fishery.  Every year in the spring and early summer, we start our open water season off in the shallows, perusing for those post-spawn Walleyes.

Our ‘No-Secrets’ series has been 18 years in the making.  Data and fishing experiences spanning all the way back to 2004 collated and filed into one place.  From East to West across this entire fishery, something and someplace for everyone whether you launch out of Black Tiger Bay or camp at West Bay Resort; if you take your yearly vacation to Woodland Resort every summer.  No matter where you get on the lake, no matter what sized boat and motor you have, ‘No-Secrets’: Cranking has a location for you!  

What will ‘No-Secrets’ include you ask?

‘No-Secrets’ Features!

  • Detailed Analysis of our 20 favorite cranking locations

  • Diagramed Google Earth Maps of each location from 1991

  • Diagramed Google Earth Maps of each location from current water levels 

  • Analyzed GPS maps of each location

  • Exact GPS coordinates, all of our “Spots-To-Hit” for every location

  • Analysis of our favorite lures

  • Analysis of the structures we fish from each location

  • Identify ideal Wind/Weather conditions for each location

DLFR ‘No-Secrets’ is a culmination of data collecting and fishing observations spanning 18 years.  I have never spent as much time and effort on any other feature.  The unveiling of this series is a Milestone of sorts.  As we begin our 6th year, it is the 2nd of 3 milestones we have set out to achieve.  

Don’t miss this special opportunity to be one of the first to receive DLFR ‘No-Secrets’: Cranking as soon as it comes off the presses!

Good Luck out there!


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