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Fringe Points and the Keys to Unlocking Lake Alice

What are Fringe Points?

We offer Packages already that are Gold Mine spots.  They are spots that we go back to year after year and catch fish, and good fish.  Spots that I really had to think long and hard about offering, but in staying true to our mission, I decided that they had to be offered up.  The cost is a premium one, but I guarantee, well worth it.

The packages come with pictures as proof of what can be caught at those spots.

I have stated many times in the the past though, we are perch hunters.  We don’t stay in one spot for long and we relish in drilling hole to find large schools of active fish.  We do not wander aimlessly however.

There are certain things we look for on maps on GPS that tell us they would be good starting points to start our search.  They aren’t the middle of the Gold Mine, but they are on the FRINGE.

That is what fringe points are, our starting points.  If you are coming to Devils Lake to set up shop, be pretty stationary and just want to be in a spot where your chances of catching some fish will be increased, then buy our waypoint packages.

However, if you are like us, and yearn for the thrill of the discovery of the next Jackpot Gold Mine, Fringe Points are what you want to look into.  We have 13 early ice packages that are just that, starting points, places that we have gone back to that offer Perch and Walleye habitat where we start our hole set operation.

Along with the Fringe Point Packages, we are also offering the keys to unlock Lake Alice.  This is your opportunity to be Columbus, and step into a virgin new world.  Last year was the first year this body of water was opened to ice fishing and it did not disappoint.  By using our Lake Alice packages you WILL catch fish, and big fish, sometimes too many big fish.  Some days we had a hard time catching keepers because they were all too big.

If you happen to find the Perch on Alice, they are Goliaths, they make Perch from the Main Lake look like guppies, they are borderline deformed.

Our average 1st day on the ice over the last 5 years has been November 23rd, and while it is evident that date is not going to happen this year, the ice will be here before you know it and we want you to be ready and prepared as we will be.

Good Luck, hope to see you on the ice, and Happy Hunting!!

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