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Wednesday Weekly Ice Conditions: March 27!

April Ice Fishing, Here We Come!!

Relatively shallow again, and we stayed and grinded on a Perch spot from sunup until 11, we lost count very quickly of how many Perch and Walleyes we had coming through to check out lures out, probably 1 of 10 either were caught or we missed, and there were A LOT of those!!

Less than 20 feet of water, buckshots! 


I don’t think that we will get much, maybe a week at best, but it is still ice fishing in April!! Actually, we have made a couple of inches the last 4-5 days and the ice is remaining strong. A few new cracks that have made a few areas troublesome but nothing a little drilling to check and we are off. 

Now, the forecast for the next 2 weeks really isnt too bad if you are an ice fisherman, let’s take a look:

Thur.    37/23

Fri.      30/19

Sat.     38/22

Sun.    39/22

Mon.    42/26

Tue.     51/29

Wed.    59/31

Thur.    51/26

Fri.      49/27

Sat.     47/30

Sun.    49/32

Mon.    50/31

Tue.    49/31

Wed.   48/31

The rea ice degradation shouldn’t really take effect until Wednesday and with the low’s getting below freezing every night except for next Sunday, we could actually be getting 2 more weeks of fishing in. If you are an Ice Phanatic like we are, that is good, good news!!

The snows can hang out in South Dakota a little bit longer, we have Perch to chase!!

Good Luck out there!


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