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Report 2: Memorial Day 2016

Report #1:

Simply stated, if you are a Northern Pike enthusiast, get here NOW. The pike bite going right now is just phenomenal, 100 pike days are THE norm, not the exception. Pitching any crank bait into 2-5 feet of water will, in short order, get you your 5 pike limit. The size of these fish varies right now from the 2-4 pound hammer handle to the 7-10 bruiser. The water is still pretty cold and the pike are still in excellent condition for eating.

If you can weed through the innumerable pike, there ARE walleyes to be had. They are shallow, 2-5 feet. The feeder lakes to the north, Dry Lake, Mike’s Lake, and Lake Irvine are really hot right now. Almost too hot, they are producing walleye limits in short order. Any windblown shoreline or weed edge on these three lake can be pitched to, trolled along, or slip bobbered to produce fish. The bigger trophies seem to be coming off of Mike’s lake right now.

The Main Lake is heating up too. The bite, of course, is a shallow one. Up tight, into and against the cattails is where it is at. Pitching #5 Crank Baits or any shallow runner is working really well. Slip bobbers are also extremely effective right now in these spots. If you are an “early bird gets the worm fisherman” like I am be prepared to deal with a lot of pike early before the water warms a little. The best walleye bite time seems to be noon and on.

SPECIFIC BAYS and LOCALES: Hit the above mentioned areas in Pelican Lake, New Mil Bay, Penny Bay, Mike’s Lake, Dry Lake, Lake Irvine, North End of 6 Mile Bay, Howard’s Bay, Hog Bay, Knutson’s Bay, and Fort Totten Bay.

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