Out of My Comfort Zone!: Part 4

A whole lot of nothing. About 3 hours of nothing to be exact, and then,……….. a skunk. That’s right, a squatty, waddling, butt scratching, bait stealing skunk. I watched that skunk steal the bear bait and scratch his butt for well over 30 minutes. In hindsight, that butt-scratching skunk probably saved my trip. He was calming. Watching his bait stealing…

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Fishing Report, NFL

Hardwater 101: Part 5 “X”the Contours

“X” the Contours to ‘Zero’ in on Devils Lake Super Mega Jumbo Perch 90% of the fish are caught in 10% of the water, this means a person must eliminate approximately 225,000 acres of dead water to find fish on Devils Lake. When you look at a google map or start driving around the lake it can become very intimidating…

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Fishing Report, Ice Fishing

Hardwater 101: Part 3 Hole Sets

Hardwater Transition Within the Day As the Early Ice Shallow Water Walleye bite wanes in the mid morning hours we switch gears. The mid morning and early afternoon are Perch Search time. On the early Ice, like walleyes, we find a lot of our perch in shallower as compared to later in the year and often on some type of…

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