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Monday Weekly Fishing Report: May 13, 2024

Well…The Pike Are Active On The Main!!


Today was the first day we got our boat out on the water, always a fun time, making sure everything is in working order. We delayed start time to let the water warm up as much as we could handle, it didn’t help though, as it was a ‘Pike Heavy’ day!

One of the things we had to check was the graph and it was working right away, now it doesn’t show us water temperature, and that it pretty important so we will have to get that ironed out. What I do know is that the temperature right off the boat dock was 54, so less than optimal. Probably a good reason that we didn’t even see an Eye today.

Even the Pike were pretty lethargic, a lot more follows than hits, but that is pretty typical for this early. We need about 6-8 more degrees for things to get going.

This last Saturday was a barn burner though. Once we found the right depth it was game on. Everything was less than 10 feet of water and there were a lot of Pike but the Walleyes were willing as well. That is the difference between being on the Main lake today and one of the northern lakes on Saturday.

Good Luck out there!


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