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Was good to see a couple of Walleyes again after yesterday’s Pike fest. The water it just a tad cool but by the weekend we should really start to see it pick up. We hit two back bays today after the rain from this morning and I am sure the rain and clouds delayed any warmup. We probably should have thrown some plastics and bobbered more, but I am a crank guy and as soon as you have a little success, that is always what you go back to.

We did bobber a little and will probably be doing more of that Thursday, Friday, and the Weekend. Pray for warmer weather and some sun so we can get the Walleye bite jump started.

Match The Forage!

We always feel that it is important to try to match what the fish are eating by mimicking what we find i their stomachs. Today, it was Perch, with the fish that had anything in them anyway. I am sure some of those Walleyes are still post-spawn and just taking a rest, but the Walleyes and Pike did have a few of these in them so you know they are starting to look for something to eat. Probably going to be a #7 Scatter Rap, that’s what we were pitching today and it worked on a couple.

We are going to continue to be shallow for the near future, almost all less than 10 feet of water. And, Back bays, back bays, back bays; find the warmest water possible with some tint and you will find some feeding Walleyes, and I guarantee some Pike. Missed a monster Pike today, was just a little too quick for her. 

Good Luck out there!


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