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Monday Weekly Fishing Report: June 20th, 2022!

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It is really tough for me to write this weeks Monday post.  Two days off of the water because of high winds and then family obligations keeping me off the water Friday through Sunday so going on basically just Today’s weather shortened trip.

What we can tell you is…

Break out those spinners if you just want some meat!!

Last year after 3 days of close to 100 degree days in early June and the spinner bite got kicked into high gear.  The very same scenario seems to have occurred this year as the heat wave had us going into deeper waters than we had been in last Tuesday.  Our goldilocks zone today was 15-23 feet of water.  

It goes against reason as the lay person would think it should be the other way around but when it comes to spinner color, bright light = bright colors, gloomy skies = dark colors.  The same held true today as our 1st Walleye this morning came when the sun was still shining and it came on a Firetiger spinner; after that one, with clouds, purple was the color.

Also, that first fish came off of a leech, the rest all came on 1/2 a crawler.  It is time to hit those mid-summer troll lines.

Still Pitching Fish and Bobber Fish As Well!

When we have clients that are after numbers, we are going to pull spinners.  It is just a highly effective way to put a massive number of fish in the boat and the active searching seems to keep us on active fish.  Bite slows down, move troll lines.  However, with the weed conditions and the number of fish holding on structure, pitching cranks and soaking corks are also going to put fish in the boat.

If I have a day just to myself, I am going to spend part of that day pitching some weeds for some bigger fish.  Lots of guys still bobbering structure and timber edges as well and soaking a leech will still land you some fish.  

With another high wind day tomorrow, we are going to try to get out but that will be weather dependent again.  

Good Luck out there!


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