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Wednesday Weekly Ice Conditions: Act 1!

Way, Way, Way Behind The Last Two Years!

But…Some Fishable Spots!

South 6 Mile from Highway 19

Last year by the 1st of December we had logged 12 trips onto the ice, 2 years ago it was 7. This year we have been out twice.  A year ago we had fishable ice onto many parts of the lake, this year I can think of 2 spots on the main lake where I would feel confident in walking out and also the Northern Lakes of Alice, Irvine, Chain, Mike’s, and Dry.

Every year is different and we were quite spoiled the last two years with early fishable ice in a lot of areas.  This year is probably more in line with ‘the norm’.

Old 281 just north of Minnewauken

We just did ice checks today and we are not going to venture out tomorrow as the temperatures today hit 48 degrees.  Tonight’s low of 28 isn’t going to give us enough ‘below freezing’ time to totally firm up those fishable spots like we would like so we will suspend our fishing activity for a day or two.

North 6 Mile from Highway 19

As you can see by the pictures, there is still A LOT of open water out there and with the wind today, continuing into tonight, it is going to take a few more days for the Ice sheet to expand and lock the whole lake up.  Areas of East Bay that had been ice covered opened up again.  Tells us that the water temperature is right, just need some cold/calm nights to get it going.

Mission Bay from Highway 57

Good News On The Way!

It al isn’t bad news, as we have a big cold front coming after the weekend, with Monday’s low dipping below 0.    I know all of you out there are chomping at the bit to get out and do some drilling but I think that right now it is best to absolutely play it safe.  The temperatures have just been too warm and there just aren’t that many areas of good, fishable ice.

Mauvais Flats from the Grahams Island Causeway

If You Are Like Me…

And Absolutely MUST Go!!!

If this is the case, my advice is target those northern feeder lakes.  We were out on Irvine Monday and found 5-7 inches, do not go alone though and drill, drill, drill.  Ice depths are going to vary in very short distances and trust me, that water is COLD!!

Main Bay from Highway 57

And If You Are Going…


  • Do not go alone
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will return
  • Carry Ice Picks and A spud bar
  • Drill As You Go
  • Steer clear of current areas and ice that appears discolored
  • Take extra time to drill any ice that has a color or texture change
  • Always carry rope with you
Hog Bay


Golden Pond


East Bay from Highway 57


Doc Hagen’s from Grahams Island Causeway


Creel Bay from Highway 19


Blue Bill Point from Highway 19


Good Luck out there!


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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Ice Conditions: Act 1!

  1. I’m thinking coming up on dec 15 with two guy staying in town ,I know hard to say how ice goes but looking to try catch some fish , will be checking daily on ice

    1. Will be bringing almost daily updates, with the cold front coming Monday, you should at the very least have walkable ice in some spots and ATV/UTV ice on the northern feeder lakes. Most areas are ready to lock up, just need a couple cold/calm nights.

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