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Tuesday’s Take!! Despite The Faulty Wind Forecast!

Believe The Weather Forecast?

Not Anymore!!

Wind Forecasts So Off I Think They Just Spin A Wheel!





The weather forecast I want to see, just to inject some sense of accuracy and ability to predict what will actually come to pass:

Mostly Sunny with a 98% Chance of Mostly Cloudy, Winds from the SouthNorth in the morning or maybe afternoon at 3-99 with gusts of -8, 48.987% Chance of Rain, or maybe Snow with some Fairy Dust mixed in!

Good possibility the forecast would be closer to accurate with that  than it was today, or pretty much any day this Summer!

We plan our days and target areas due to what the wind is and is going to be and when the forecast is so totally wrong, it can really put us in scramble mode.  Luckily, the Big Devil can be very forgiving and is putting out a lot of keepable fish right now.

We concentrated on the deeper aspects of the breaks along the old shoreline around the main bay.  All fish kept were 14 inches plus but we didn’t have any true ‘thumpers’ just a lot of eaters.

Blue  W/Green Eye and Gold W/Gold Stripe spinners tipped with worms are the lures of choice and 21-26 feet of water were the depths that we found the most fish in.

Good Luck out there!


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