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Thursday’s Weather and Solar Forecast

The New Moon-Phase of Greatest Gravitational Pull!

As everyone should have learned in 5th or 6th grade science class, the alignment of the sun/moon/Earth during the New Moon, aligns the 3 in a way that exerts the greatest amount of gravitational effect on our planet.  We as humans have kind of gotten ‘soft’ and are not as in tune to our environment as our ancient ancestors once were.  We may feel the drops in barometer and the effects of the moon, we just aren’t able to identify them as having any influence on us.

Animals are different:


Their survival often depends on the understandings of their environment.  The New Moon has a huge effect on fish activity and, like the Full Moon, we make sure to be on the water as much as possible during the days prior to and just after the New Moon.

Day               Hi/Lo           Wind     Rain Chance

Thur. 6-22     71/51PC     W27      0%

Fri. 6-23        62/46PC     NW23    0%

Sat. 6-24      55/44C        NW18     20%

Sun. 6-25     65/47MC     NW13     10%

Mon. 6-26     73/53MS    W9           0%

Tue. 6-27      81/61MS    S19          0%

Wed. 6-28     81/57T      SW15       60%

Day               Hi/Lo      Wind                    Rain Chance

Thur. 6-22     71/51     WNW23-25 G38    0%

Fri. 6-23       62/47      NW21 G30             0%

Sat. 6-24      61/47     NNW14-16 G24      20%

Sun. 6-25     68/50     WNW9-14 G21       0%

Mon. 6-26     74/55     WNW8-11               0%

Tue. 6-27      78/57     S11-15 G23            30%

Wed. 6-28     76/—     S10-15 G18            30%

Solar Forecast-NEW MOON Should ‘Pull’ You Out On The Water

Thur. 6-22

3% Waning Crescent

Maj.-12:15-2:15 p.m.

Min.-4:39-5:39 a.m.

Min.-7:57-8:57 p.m.

Stars- 3

Fri. 6-23  


Maj.-1:17-3:17 p.m.

Min.-5:29-6:29 a.m.

Min.-9:07-10:07 p.m.

Stars- 4

Sat. 6-24   

1% Waxing Crescent

Maj.-2:20-4:20 p.m.

Min.-6:27-7:27 a.m.

Stars- 4++

Sun. 6-25

4% Waxing Crescent

Maj.-3:21-5:21 p.m.

Min.-7:34-8:34 a.m.

Stars- 3

Mon. 6-26

10% Waxing Crescent

Maj.-4:20-6:20 p.m.

Min.-8:45-9:45 a.m.

Stars- 2

Tue. 6-27

17% Waxing Crescent

Maj.-4:48-6:48 a.m.

Min.-9:57-10:57 a.m.

Stars- 1

Wed. 6-28

27% Waxing Crescent

Maj.-5:40-7:40 a.m.

Maj.-6:05-8:05 p.m.

Min.-11:09 a.m.-12:01 p.m.

Stars- 1

Thur. 6-29

36% Waxing Crescent

Maj.-6:29-8:29 a.m.

Maj.-6:53-8:53 p.m.

Min.-12:17-1:17 p.m.

Stars- 1

Hold On To Your Rod…



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