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Perch Pods For Your Weekend Excursion!

Roaming Perch Pods! You may have to drill a few holes as these are not big schools but roaming pods.  If you get on a pod though they are big, real big, super mega jumbo big!  JGold Varmint and Gold Buckshots when the sun was shining got em going, tipped...

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Monday Ice Fishing Report On Wednesday!!

Been Somewhat Of A Different Year! From being on the ice earlier than we had ever been to catching 10 pound Walleyes in 47 feet of water.  Many things this year have been very out of the ordinary. A lot of usual haunts have been dead seas and some out...

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Tuesday’s Alerts!!

Deep Perch and Walleyes The feature image for this post was caught on Monday on the package for 2-9-18 so those fish are still very active and there are som big fish there. This is what we have been working on the last two days:   We will bring you...

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