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Bleu Cheese Duck Fajita Wraps

Bleu Cheese Duck Fajita Wraps-An “After The Hunt” Culinary Delight Start with a day like this: Clean em, and put the honkers in a brine for later smoking.  Keep the ducks fresh and cube them into 1/2 inch cubes.  Keep them 1/2 inch cubes because we are only going to be frying them for mere seconds. You wil need: 1…

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Recipes Become a Weekly Episode

Recipes Become a Weekly Episode on Devils Lake Fishing Report As I mentioned in last week’s report, preparing wild game has become something of a hobby, if not obsession for me.  There is only so much crock-potted cream of mushroom soup, garden vegetables, and goose or duck breasts that one person can eat.  Fried fish is great, but even the most…

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