Monday Weekly Fishing Report!

Some Old Scenery

Same Results


We returned to an area that we had been to a lot earlier in July, just got so occupied with the main bay, we hadn’t been back for a while. Well, all those fish we had been on?

Still There!

The 1st spot we targeted ended up being the only spot we targeted because we really had no reason to leave.


When in the main bay, we have focused our searches on the 16-30 foot range. Some days its 16, some its 23, and some days its 28-30. However, is just seems like there are a lot of fish in that depth range right now.

The perch we have found have been in the deeper parts of that range, along with some of the bigger Eyes. 

Spinner Colors!

Gold’s and Silver’s with some sort of stripe have been really good. Purple stripe, Chartreuse stripe, and Gold or Silver stripes have all been pretty good colors.

We have never really been a believer in the Smile blades and such, but we have had some luck with a few of these in varying colors:

The Main Bay Has A Ton Of Fish In It

There are still a lot of fish in all of these areas, feel free to fish away:








Good Luck out there!


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