How About Time For Some B52’s!!

Late Summer– The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!

How can you not love August/September in this great state! Fishing is in full swing, and the fish are biting like crazy, the lake is turning, well, green; and it is just about time to clean up the decoys and start scouting for Gian Canada Geese, the ‘Big Game’ of your ND Safari!

As always, it is probably going to be little hot, there will be mosquitos, but here will be Giant Honkers that are just starting to test their flight abilities! What more could you want!


Don’t Forget The Cranes!

We would be remiss if we also didn’t mention the ‘Dangerous Game’ of your ND Safari! The Sandhill Cranes will be starting to appear shortly as they make their way south to their winter grounds, come with us as we try to intercept them! The fun doen’t really begin until you get one on the ground, then the hissing and charges begin!

If you want the opportunity to join us in a hunt, we have some spots open and with liberal early season limits for Canadas, it can be a lot of fun!!

Call Eric at AllFlockedUp Outdoors:


Good Luck out there!!

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