Walleye Wednesday!!

It’s Time To…

Pitch And Pull!!




Absolutely ZERO wind this morning, but it didn’t matter. Walleyes are on the feed and if you stay at it long enough, they WILL click on.

The two areas we targeted had a Walleye presence right from the start and that made the search a lot easier. We were in less than 10 feet of water again and two colors were pretty hot. We could have been off the water at 7:30, but where is the fun in that!!


So do we!!

We love to pitch cranks on Devils Lake, and if you do to, and you haven’t gotten your Edition of DLFR No Secrets: Cranking; then you are missing out. It is like a How-To on pitching cranks on Devils Lake with the bonus of where you should try as well!!


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That Pitch And Pull Vibe!!

Sometimes, when the Walleyes get really active, they can be in 2 feet of water, they can be in 8 feet of water. But they are going to be feeding. Let us help you decipher what depth they are in a lot quicker to save yourself time. It’s time to Pitch-And-Pull!! Pitch crankbaits to the inside (shallow side) and drape a spinner in the rod holder on the deep end. We have applied this tactic in Devils Lake so many times it has become second nature to us. 

You should Too!!


Good Luck out there!


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