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Monday Weekly Fishing Report- January 16th, 2023!!

Lots Of Fish At Times!



I don’t know if I have seen so many times, where these fish are here one minute and then gone the next more times than I have this year. One second they are fired up and biting and the next they are just gone. Luckily, often times they come back in 5-10 minutes, but it is evident that these fish are on the move and cruising quite quickly.

If a person can get them to stop and occupy them, then flurries are to be had. If they lose interest just a little bit, they are leaving and they might not come back.

No better time than the present than to have a dead stick handy with a bait just hanging there about 3-5 feet up. Not to catch them, but to occupy their attention while you are unhooking a fish and rebaiting your hook, we do it all the time.



Most of our fish the last week have come either shallow or deep and not much in between. 5-14 feet and 35+, and not seeing a whole lot in-between. Now granted, we haven’t been to the flats yet and we haven’t done a whole lot of exploring on the main bay yet, but super shallow and super deep are good places to spend the majority of your days.


Colors and Lures!

Gold Varmint, Gold Bad Bo, Wonder Bread Coffin Spoon, Pink UV Buckshot.

Along with those, a small tungsten with a full minnow when they go negative and you should be all set.

Good Luck out there!


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  1. How is getting around on the lake? Do you need something with tracks or is a 4 wheel drive adequate?

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