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Fins To Feathers Transition!

Love It When It’s Smooth!

It happens every year in the latter days of August as our eyes change to the skies. Big, B52, Early Season Honkers start to haunt our dreams and we ready the decoy trailer for hot, mosquito filled mornings in the stubble. To put up with those little vampires and sweaty, mid-mornings laying in itchy, Barley chaff; one has to have a passion for it.

If you ever get the chance to be laying down in that stubble, and see that line of Canadas approaching, mere feet off of the ground, you will totally get it!

It is an adrenaline rush that never ever gets old.

We are just starting our Waterfowl Guiding season and our boat does get neglected. It is just the nature of things at this time of year. As with everything else this year, the bird patterns are late. Late hatch, late harvest, and the molts are yet to arrive making them late too. Makes for some frustration out in the field but we have managed to dust a few and things are only going to get better as things cool down, some molts show up, and the fall pattern sets in.

We hope to still get a few days logged on the water and we will be fishing the Casino Cup Big Show this Saturday. Stay tuned!

Good Luck out there!


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