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Have The 4th Off??

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We have reached a point in our Summer Schedule where we have a little bit of a break.  Not time off per se, just a break from having clients in the boat, where we are just going to be doing some searching and exploring of the lake looking for quality over quantity and bringing those locations to you, our viewership.  We found two spots today.  The first one was in that 8-10 range and just outside the weeds where there were just some really good fish going.  The second is a little deeper, in the 15ish foot variety; same results though– Good Fish!!

If you are willing to be a little patient and not afraid of throwing back some 14’s and 15’s, both of these spot offer you the chance to put 10-15 truly quality fish on the table.

Color Of The Day!

It doesn’t always happen, but most of the time it does, one color outperforms all others.  Today, it was this one, That hammered silver w/chartreuse stripe.  Tipped with a worm of course.

Kind Of Surprising/Could Be Concerning!

Most years we get into this time of year and it is not a question of if we are going to catch fish, it is a question of how many fish are we going to have to sort through to get to our 5-, 10-, 15-, or 20- fish limits.  Don’t get me wrong, still limits to be had out there, we are just getting to them a little quicker at times because we just aren’t catching a lot of those 10-13 inch fish.  Heck, we aren’t seeing a whole lot of 14-15 inch fish either.  It just seems like everything that we are catching right now is 16-22 inches long with the occasional one of these:

Had to check a big fish spot- YUP, STILL THERE!! This 27-incher didn’t have the huge gut, just a very stout fish all the way through!!

The way things have gone the last week and a half, there is no way I am throwing a 14-incher in the well until well past 2 p.m.  There is just no need to, too many bigger fish biting right now

Does this mean there is a gap in year classes due to low water levels? 


But gosh darn it, it sure is great for fishing right now.  The verdict isn’t in yet and quite possibly with the late Spring we just aren’t to the point where those smaller fish are super active yet.  We will just have to wait and se.

Good Luck out there!


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