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High Wind Hideouts!!

As Locals, We Take These For Granted!!

For those of us that reside in and around Devils Lake, we know that Devils Lake, with all of its back bays, finger bays, and numerous boat launches; no matter the strength of the wind or its direction, if we really have to fish it is possible.

We all have spots in our back pocket that we go to when the wind picks up across the prairie. 

Tomorrow is going to be one of those types of day, and we have to fish.  Don’t have the luxury of not going because it is windy.  SO we go to our mental rolodex and to our records and target an area that is going to be fishable, even if the gusts are going to be 37 like it is tomorrow.

For those of you that are here on vacation and don’t want to squander one of you days because of wind, we have the package for you:


8 tutorials w/waypoints for every wind direction.

Today’s report will come out later this afternoon.

Stay tuned…


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