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Wednesday Waters: June 22nd, 2022!

Today’s Take!

Spinner Bite!! If looking for meat and just wanna put eaters on the table, pull some spinners in 8-23 feet of water adjacent to structure or weeds.  

Water Temps!

Hovering right around 70, algae growth is going to get kicked into high gear.  No reason at all to hold off on launching later in the day. In fact, earlier the better now, no need to let the water warm up when starting temperature is above 65.  Now we need to pay attention to the other end of it and when is that water temperature TOO HIGH.  Those shallows warming too much is going to push the majority of the fish deeper and that is what we are currently finding.  Lots of fish in 8+ feet of water now.

Water Clarity!

While some of the waters out in the eastern portion of the lake are still a little clearer than we would like, from the main bay and west we are looking at some very favorable conditions when it comes to visibility. We had about 3-4 feet of pretty clear clarity today!


Lake Elevation!

Can definitely tell which are the high wind days!! 

Kind of hovering around that 1450.8 number right now and the influx of water has eased a little.  We might see a slight increase, but it is not looking like we are going to see too much over 1451.  Also, the heat of Summer is here and evaporation is going to start to kick in as well.   I would also imagine the pumps will be engaged shortly if they aren’t already.  

Weed Growth!

Oh Boy!!

This is where a lot is changing, even day to day.  The weeds are on overdrive and are shooting up, pushing weed edges out to 6-7 feet in some areas.  Inside of 6 feet today was unfishable with a crankbait or spinner.  Pockets were still accessible with a bobber but honestly, if I can get them with spinners or cranks, the bobbers can be put away until ice fishing as far as I am concerned.

We did have some floating moss in a couple spots today but nothing too troublesome.


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