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Thursday ‘Ready For The Weekend’ Fishing Report!

38 Degrees Got Us There

It’s Truck Time Again!!


We were so close after the warm temperatures yesterday, after today’s 38 degrees and rain this morning, I can confidently say that truck travel out on the lake is pretty much a ‘GO’.  Only problem I see anyone having would be at some of the accesses but once on the ice sheet, good to go.  That is great news for a lot of people out there.  Not everyone has tracks and too much snow has been a big downer for a lot of people.  Barring a massive snow event, we are pretty much back in business.

We MARKED fish today, A LOT of fish.  Like 100’s, if even 10% of them would have bit we would have been off the ice early.  Unfortunately, aside from the Walleyes, most marks were Yo-Yo’s.  Every spot we drilled into, within 10 minutes we have Vexilar Christmas Trees that just WOULD NOT BITE!!  When this area goes off, it is going to be absolutely EPIC!!

Other Spots Worth A Look!




Good Luck out there!


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