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Monday Weekly Fishing Report: June 10, 2024

From Cranks To Spinners!




It is amazing how quickly it can change from a crank bite to a spinner bite in approximately 48 hours, but that is what seemed to happen. We went from getting em pretty good in 5-8 feet of water to now getting them in over 10 feet. Now obviously, there are still going to be days when shallower is still going to be good, but the last two days it was much better, far deeper.

Spil Bobbers -VS- Spinners

I am not a bobber guy! In fact, it is my lease favorite way to get fish on devils lake. I would much rather A- pitch cranks and B- Pull spinners. In both instances you get to feel the fish take it. Now I know there have been some good bobber bites out there and probably is a good one going on right now in the flats, but we will not be joining them as we really don’t like to fish that way. Give me the crank bait or a spinner over bobbers anyday.

The Week That Was

So, this last week started off pretty good, getting fish in shallow, under 10 feet of water. Two wind days and a day of pre-fishing for the casino and then the casino tourney and then right back to guiding. We didn’t have the greatest day in the casino tourney, pre-fishing we had a spot that landed us a 26, 24, 23, 22, and a 20. We were looking forward to the day, but when we showed up to the spot Saturday, the water had cleared considerably. We managed a double on a 24 and a 23, but then went 4 hours without a fish and we were scrambling. Managed 1 more Walleye, a 23 incher, and 13.13 pounds isn’t going to get it done. 

Switch To Worms


Along with the switch deeper, it seems as though they skipped the leeches and went right to worms, all but 1 of our fish today came off of a crawler.


Good Luck out there!


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