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A Little Rewind Before The ‘Crazy’ Begins Again!!

Proof That I Absolutely Love My Job!

Spring Snow Goose hunting is often times a boom or bust propositions. It seems like you either really get ’em, or you don’t. Early in the morning you are usually going to know if it is going to be good day or not. We had a short but fruitful season this year with a lot of pesky adults and just not enough juvies, but it was a sprint and not a marathon. We would like to thank all of the clients that braved the dust and then the rain, to put some snows on the ground!

Not many hunts to the east, almost all of our hunts were to the north and west of Devils Lake this year, which was a drastic change from last year.





We Missed Our Winter Recap!

Coming into this last winter, I think that everyone around the area that ice fishes religiously, was prediction a banner year on the ice. After 2022-2023, and all of the Perch that were being caught, we all thought it was just going to be more of the same. Then Mother Nature threw uss a curveball, and the Winter that Wasn’t of 2023-2024!!

We still managed to keep the bears on top of the ice and even got a few to commit, and we were able to scratch out a pretty successful year. 


I would like to thank personally, JB, Josh, Troy, Audie, and Tom; thank you for another enjoyable season out there. Already looking forward to another year out there with you guys!!

Although we didn’t have as may smackdowns out there, the size this winter was better. We had 6 2+ pound Perch hit the ice this year, that’s a good mess of Unicorns!!






A Big Thank You To All Of Our Clients!!

You’re The Reason We Do What We Do!!

Early on it was foot traffic only, just that didn’t stop us from getting after it!!

It’s always good to get you Mother and Aunt out before the guide season get hectic!








And The BIG UNS!!






We have 3 days off, then more than likely we are going to be back, in the boat this time, to begin our Summer Open Water fishing!! 

We will be back tomorrow with some special offers for the Summer!

Good Luck out there!


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