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Monday Weekly Fishing Report: Feb. 19, 2024

Another 2!!

Love It When That Happens!

After a solid week of chasing those pesky striped little s.o.b.’s we got back into the Gravel Lizards game today! The day started with nothing but frustration as we have 14 straight non-biters, and some of those were GOOOOOOOOOD fish; they just wouldn’t bite. We deepened up a little bit and found some that were willing to open their mouths and we ended the day with a very pleasant surprise…

Toad-A-Saurus Rex!!

15.25 inch, 2.22 pound TOAD!!

5th 2 of the year, this one a 2.22. We never expect to see any unicorns as they are so rare, so when one does bless us with its presence, we are overjoyed, another one for the wall!!

Deeper than 10, less than 20 and Buckshots were the key!

A Week of Wave After Wave

Mostly Non-Biters

But Some Did Commit

We spent the better part of last week chasing these tiger stripes and we had the highest of highs and some pretty low low’s. Such is the life of a Perch fisherman on Devils Lake. We were in deeper than 30 feet of water and a vast array of lures were used, some days we had to switch it up multiple times and often we were running 3 or 4 different lures with 3-4 different bait types just to get our bites.

We didn’t have the schools stay under us for long periods of time, just pod after pod that would stop for 2-5 minutes and you rip as many as you can as fast as you can before they leave, then get ready for the next batch.

Good Luck out there!


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