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And IT Begins!!

Welcome To The 2023-2024 Ice Fishing Season!!

Be Safe Out There!

Still quite a few open water spots out on N. 6 Mile but there is now a skim of ice out there. A big wind would open it up again but for now it is making ice.

It took a while, but we finally have some ice out there, and with these temperatures now under freezing, we will be making more as we get further into the season. I wouldn’t walk out there yet, but soon, very soon.

With that being said, it seems like every year is different and this year is no different. We thought there would have been ice, and fishable ice, 3 weeks ago, but mother nature had different plans and we had a big warm-up. It prolonged our Duck hunting but put our fishing season into a standstill. That time has come and gone and now we are locked up in the northern feeder likes and the fingerbay’s are starting to go now too.

The Mauvais looked to be 100% locked up, and while going out there is probably a few days away, it looked pretty smooth out there for the time being.

Some changes for the year mentioned below, but we promise you that we will continue to work every day to bring you the best report we possibly can, like we have always done!!

This one surprised be a little. Mike’s Lake has quite a few open water spots out there and I wouldn’t venture out there for a bit

The lake is prime for an outstanding year both for Walleyes and Perch this winter. Summer fishing was nothing short of spectacular and we expect to see that continue out there in the ice! It is going to be a year that you are not going to want to miss!!

Irvine/Alice locked up over the weekend, and while it probably isn’t safe yet, it will only be a few days before a guy can probably walk out there.

As of January 1st, 2024 and going up to the day that fish houses have to be off the lake, March 15th, we will not be offering Waypoints. We will continue to give you the ice report. We will offer both the general report, which is free to everyone along with the more in-depth report, that is available the year, for the season, or for the month.




Until the 1st of January, we will offer packages as we always have, so be on the lookout for our fish alerts, hopefully starting tomorrow!!

Good Luck out there!


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