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What’s In The ‘Waypoint Catalog’ You Ask?

If Reading The Reports Just Isn’t What Your After

You Want To Get Down To Business?

Waypoints Catalog Is Where You Go!!

We realize that some of you are ‘Devils Lake Veterans’ and have fished the Big Lake a lot.  You don’t care to read through a bunch of reports just to get to the locations.  That is why we created the Waypoints Catalog.  It’s the meat-and-potatoes at you fingertips.  If you have never been to this area of the website, this is what it looks like and sometimes it might get you on the fast track to what you are looking for, instead of paging through a bunch of reports!



We offer limited guided trips, for availability call 701-351-6414 or email us at: [email protected]

Full Day of Guided Open Water Fishing (6+ Hours) – $400

1/2 Day of Guided Open Water Fishing (3 Hours) – $200

DLFR Membership Packages!

DLFR Platinum- 1 Calendar year/Open Water and Ice Fishing- All Waypoints


DLFR Gold – 1 Calendar year/Open Water- All Waypoints


DLFR Silver- 1 Calendar year/Ice Fishing- All Waypoints



DLFR Copper- 1 Month of Your Choosing


2021 Open Water Waypoints!



















































Previous Year Historic Packages- What We Use To Plan Our Trips

The most underutilized feature of what we offer here at DLFR, the information that we use year after year to help us predict where the next bite is going to pop up, put all together it makes our yearly searches more time friendly and more successful.  All of that information is at your fingertips!

DLFR ‘BIBLE’, Every Waypoint that we have logged since our existence!! ($1750 if bought individually)














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