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DLFR Migration Report 2017 Vol. 7

Snow Push, Ducks Lag Behind!

As it sits right now, if you have a glorious picture of fat greenheads bombing your spread as you lay back in a layout blind, lower your expectations.

Although we have had a good push of Snow Geese into the Lake Region, the massive push of Northern ducks has not occurred as of this writing.  This strong North wind should be pushing some of those birds down but it just hasn’t yet.  A lot of our smaller ponds and transition sloughs are freezing and the big push of Northern birds are all going to be congregating on the bigger waters.

Add to that, what I have seen is an increase in hunting pressure.  This has made a lot of our birds very wary.  I call them ‘Devil ducks’.

Decoy Allergic!

Extra scouting and planning is going to be needed to have a successful hunt until some of those Northern birds get here.  We just hope it isn’t too little too late and everything is locked up.

I had a conversation with a fellow ice fisherman today and I truly believe that I will be making my Jesus appearance in a little under two weeks…

you know…


Turn Hunting Into Harvesting



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