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It Was A Wednesday ‘What The –‘

Things Will Straighten Out

There are four dreaded words no hunter or fisherman ever wants to hear.  They bring no solace and they don’t make everything o.k. They aren’t meant to be a slam by the speaker and every single one of us who has fished enough hours, made enough hunting trips, fished another lake, and hunted another state for another species has heard it at least once.

It has become somewhat of a cliché but when broken down to the core, it explains beautifully why we love the outdoors and the challenges it offers.

The fish aren’t going to bite EVERYDAY.  The birds aren’t going to fly EVERYDAY.

There are many factors determining when fish bite and when birds go out to feed and even though we has humans try to control a lot of things; there are a few of those factors that even we are unable to control yet.  Two of those would be the weather and the moon.  We have attempted to manipulate this planet in many ways, controlling the weather is not one in which we have succeeded.  The moon phases will change and there is nothing that you or I can do about it.

So, the next time you are out, the bite dies or the birds don’t fly and your host, guide, or friend utters those dreaded 4 words:

Shoulda been here yesterday!

Just relax.  Don’t get upset.  Thank them graciously and take in the outdoors that you are in.  Thank the good Lord that you are alive to enjoy his creation and rejoice in the fact that:

  • A. The bite will turn
  • B. The birds must feed eventually
  • C. Wait 5 minutes, the weather WILL change
  • D. Tomorrow is another day.

Life is too short.  Let the chips fall where they may, have the wisdom to identify those things that you can change, so, when nature straightens out, you are ready.

Good Luck Out There

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