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Wed. Weekly Ice Conditions Report #3/+Recipe

The Great News About A Massive Arctic Cold Front

Lake Alice/Lake Irvine.…. Last report from two days ago was 10 inches, some snow on the ice.  Should be 4-wheeler worthy.

Dry Lake…..Same as Alice and Irvine, there is some snow on the ice but a good foundation of 8-10 inches as of a couple days ago.

Mike’s Lake…..Mike’s Ice is variable, there is a good solid foundation of 8 inches in most spots.

Creel…..The East side of Creel is thicker than the west side for some reason,  at least 6 on the east and 5+ on the west.  By the weekend you can probably add 2-3 inches to those totals.

East bay.…..East bay was 6 inches out to a mile and a half.  I would expect 8-9 by Saturday.

I am always leery on early ice about jumping the gun too soon with my Pick Up.  There will be some guys this weekend that start venturing out on the feeder lakes with Full Size Trucks.  I would advise against it and stay with 4-wheelers at least for another week.  When we have had freeze up this quickly and that ice forms as fast as it did, pressure ridges and cracks form in the oddest places and there will be many abnormal cracks and weak spots.  Remember, no ice is safe ice and keep your boots dry.

Walleye Fettucine Alfredo 

I love experimenting with new recipes.  New ways to cook up wild game.  If yo add Alfredo Sauce to anything it is usually pretty good.

This Recipe may be one of the easiest I have ever experimented with.

Start With This

You will only need:

Fettucine Noodles

Bertolli Alfredo Sauce

Garlic Salt

Ground White Pepper



Add Some Of This

I always zipper my fish before cooking.  It seems to remove most of the rib bones left after cleaning.  I like this Recipe idea because it is a way to cook bigger fish.  Along with boiling the noodles, I pan fried the Walleye in a little bit of Canola oil and seasoned with Garlic Salt, Ground White Pepper, Salt, and Pepper.

Pan Fry It Like This

Once the filets were done, I used tongs to chop up the filets into smaller pieces.

Chop It Up Like This

After the noodles were done and the filets were thoroughly chopped, I just mixed the noodles, Alfredo sauce, and chapped Walleye in a medium sized sauce pan and let simmer for 2-3 minutes and TA-DA!!

And You Get Something Delicious Like This

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