Your “Ready For The Weekend” Walleye and Perch Alert!!

The Big Devil Is Full Of Surprises!!

What was suppose to be an intense Perch Search turned into a Walleye smack down with some Perch peppered in.  We were in DEEP water, 40+ feet.

We thought we had drilled into the Perch Gold mine mother load!

Marks, stacked up one on top of the other.


To our amazement, those stacked fish, the ones that were real aggressive anyway, were all Walleyes.  Quality Walleyes, a few barely fit through our 6-inch, Perch Search holes.  The first few were reeled in rapidly as we thought they were Sumo SUper Mega Jumbo Perch.  We soon learned our lesson the hard way and started retrieving them very slowly.  2-3 minutes to bring them up.

We were able to find a few Perch as well but the Walleyes occupied most of our day.  It was well worth it!

All fish were caught between 30-47 feet of water.  Gold Buckshots, Gold Varmints tipped with minnow heads.



Good Luck Out There!!

Hold On To Your Rod!!


Find Your Tree!!




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