Wednesday Weekly Ice Conditions: Episode 14- February 7th

Extension Time!!


Average Ice Thickness Just Before Breaking Through!

If you are running a K-Drill, which we do until the batteries are dead and can’t keep up, we suggest you find an extension for it.  We also run a Strikemaster 4- Stroke with a 6 inch and one with an 8 inch flighting.  We aren’t bottomed out yet but are pretty close.  If your desired fishing spot is on top of a snow drift, then you need one for sure.  If you run a sno-bear you will need an extension as well.  We are getting into that 25+ inch ice territory and the cold temperatures are here for the next few days so the ice sheet is only going to be getting thicker.

Snow Cover

While not that much of a problem yet, if we were to get another 4-8 inches of the white stuff, well, then we would start to have some vehicle travel issues.

As of today, the last round of fluffy stuff was just that:


Most blew off or collected against the drifts that were already present.

Biggest thing right now is DO NOT STOP ON TOP OF A DRIFT!  The only time we have seen people stuck is when they either tried to take a drift real slow or stopped right on top of one.  If you do either of those two things, hope you have a shovel.  Otherwise, give it the onion when approaching a drift and you should have no problems.

Yes, everything from you dash may end up on the floor, but at least you won’t be stuck.  Our dash has been cleaned off so many times I lost count, but I haven’t been stuck yet!

It’s about 60%-40% right now, hard drifts-soft drifts.  Hard to tell if the one you are coming up on is hard as a rock or crusted and break-throughable.  We don’t chance it, just hit the gas.

All in all, from an ice conditions standpoint, we are sitting pretty good.

Are extensions a pain in the butt?


But better that problem than slush and thin ice.  Looking like we will be ice fishing well into March and maybe even April if this trend continues.

Good Luck Out There!!

Hold On To Your Rod!!


Find Your Tree!!



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